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Philosophy Statement

The purpose of any band is to give enrichment and joy to life. We hold that live music is enriching, exciting, and exhilarating to both performers and audience. It should be available to all people to either play or listen to as they desire. We see our dual mission as creating an environment in which adults of any ability or degree of band experience can enjoy the benefits of playing, while bringing live music to people in the community who may not otherwise have it to enjoy. Our program is designed to meet these two needs and they are the foundation for our further development.

Profile of Our Band

The Around The Sound Community Band is a dynamic entity. We are incorporated as a not for profit organization and value providing service to the community through our music. More on our history is given elsewhere on this web site.

We provide an opportunity for individuals and families of all skill levels to enjoy a mutual experience in making music. We have a wide musical repertoire that includes traditional band literature, marches, pop tunes, movie and show tunes, new music, and more. There is always somthng to challenge and help us grow as musicians. We perform two public concerts a year (May and December). In between public concerts we enjoy performing at community events, band festivals, and wherever we are invited. In 2013 we became an international band and performed at the Ladner Band Festival in British Columbia, Canada.

Our band has become a community in its own right. Our members range from high school students to octagenarians. There is a core of members who care for each other with patience and understanding. Those who have some experience remember being new to music. Being a member is as much about the fun as about the music. We all love seeing a new face and welcoming a new member. Our director is introduced elsewhere on this web site.

Our band is goverened by a Board of Directors that is elected from the membership. Additionally, there are a number of jobs that are done by volunteers within the band. There are opportunities for any level of involvment members desire.

Our band does charge a modest tuition, set by the board, and sufficient to cover expenses. This changes from time to time and current information can be obtained by contacting us.

If you wish to view our bylaws, this link will download a PDF copy.

If you wish to view our operating policies and procedures, this link will download a PDF copy.

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